Some of the Services We Offer

Staking Services


Our staff is experienced in both aerial and buried construction techniques. We can provide you with GIS construction sheets that can be used during construction as well as for permitting.

Contract Administration


We can assist you with both RUS Funded or Non-RUS Funded Contracts.  We will work with you prior to submitting the project for bids to ensure that all specifications are listed in the contract.  We will then help you provide the Plans and Specifications to qualified contractors and work with you through the bid opening process to award the contract to the lowest bidder.

Construction Management


Certain projects require assistance to ensure the project is constructed correctly and in a timely manner. For these types of projects, we can provide one of our experienced construction managers to ensure that the project is constructed according to specifications and completed according to the contract.

GIS Mapping and Map Conversion


We have a full-scale GIS team on staff to assist you with any mapping needs that you may have.  We are well versed and have worked with various mapping programs including AutoCAD, MapWise, Mapcom, and ETICS.  We have worked on many projects where we have converted one mapping software and it's associated database over to another mapping software.  We also have the ability to create your GIS maps in AutoCAD and provide you a database of your network elements linked to your maps.  We can also link these AutoCAD maps to most billing software databases for viewing in AutoCAD.

Plant Verification and Records Keeping


We have worked on many projects involving verification and mapping of existing plant.  On these projects, we field verified all network elements and placed them into GIS maps.  As continuous service orders and work orders are created, we can then add them to these maps to ensure that they are kept up to date.

RUS Loan Design & Preparation


We have worked with multiple telcos to help them obtain funding through RUS.  If you are thinking about applying for RUS Funds, then our team can assist you with everything from initial contact with RUS to close-out of the RUS loan after all construction has been completed.